Updates on the Mahrya and Titan

The Mahrya is currently with JDR as they do a big rebuild to make it perfect for when the season can start. There has been fabrication work completed to move the front suspension pickup and also to provide a proper mount for the crutch straps which were previously just bolted into the thin alloy floor. The majority of the work has been completed, the major items left are the dampers and wheels then we will take delivery of the car back ready to race!
The Titan is also going through a rebuild and is coming along nicely. We are getting it ready for the Legends of Brands Hatch Superprix which is still scheduled for Saturday 11th July – Sunday 12th July.
We have missed all of our fans around the world during this pandemic and are keen to get racing again! We hope everyone has stayed safe and cant wait to see you guys again in the near future.

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