We are back at Brands Hatch!!

With motorsport restarting around the world we managed to head down to Brands Hatch for the Hscc Legends of Brands Hatch Superprix. We had a great weekend taking 4 cars with us, our fan favourite (and one of ours) the Chevron B24 F5000, Titan FF, Ferrari 208 and also the very recent rebuilt Porsche 914-6gt.

The Chevron got off to a great start coming 4th in qualifying but the fastest in its class, unfortunately in the first race the Chevron ran into problems on lap 6 so had to retire from the race just as we were catching James Hagen (Race leader at the time). Race 2 was much better coming 3rd and 1st in class.

The Ferrari 308 GTS had a great weekend bar in mind it is the first time it has raced since a difficult rebuild was completed over the extended break. In qualifying, it managed to come in 9th which was 3rd in class. During the race is where the Ferrari could really stretch its legs coming in 7th, 2nd in class.

Titan FF ran as reliably as usual but a bit down on power it managed to qualify in 9th place but then due to the lack of power fell down the order during the race to finish in 15th out of a 28 car grid.

Lastly, we had a car which is fresh out of a rebuild, the Porsche 914-6gt it needs some fine-tuning but will be a little rocket once we get to know the car and what works best with it and us.

Overall a very good weekend back at Brands hatch and we cant wait for many more events.

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