Mitchell Dellow


Mitchell joined Titan Historic racing in November 2015 as a race mechanic and ever since then he has been a very productive member of the team. His main jobs consists of making sure the cars are up to racing standards and get to the track. Mitchell works on all the titan historic cars throughout the week making sure they are ready for the weekends.

During the race weekend Mitchell is an indispensable member of the team no job is ever too big or too small and not matter how tired or stressed he always has a smile on his face. He is a key figure at race events making sure all the cars are ready to race and fixing any issues which happen during the races even if it means working long hours into the morning just to make sure the car is ready for the next day.

Mitchells says his greatest moment at Titan Historic is being behind the scenes in the pit garages at race events and seeing the cars he had worked on cross the finish line at the end of races knowing he has helped make that happen. His favourite car is the Chevron B8 Sports car which he has been working on ever since the car arrived in the Titan garage.

Mitchell is a very sociable person he is always willing to have a conversation with anyone even if he is run down and tired from working all night he will always talk to anyone who wants to know about the team of the cars.

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