2020 Update

Over the winter Titan Historic Racing have acquired a special JPS special edition Lotus Europa which is No 69 of 100 built. EMS and Titan Historic Racing are going to be rebuilding it to better than new standards.

The 2 seater and our LDS 03 are on there way back to the UK from South Africa. Over the next week, we will be working hard to get the cars unloaded. The 2 seater will then be going over to EMS to have an overhaul and the LDS will be going back up to classic team lotus.

The Chevron B24 and Surtees TS11 are currently going through a deep clean before being stripped for total rebuilds. Before sending them over to JDR for the rebuild we will be put them both on the Dyno road so we can compare what we have before and after the rebuilds.

JDR is currently rebuilding the McKee, once finished and put on the dyno road it will be returned back to Titan Historic Racing workshop ready for its first race of the year. We will also be sending our Philbin Sports Car to JDR for a full rebuild using the original Rotary Mazda engine we have managed to get our hands on after 7 years of searching.

We have recently taken back the stunning Titan MK10 Formula Atlantic after a rebuild with EMS. Further to this, we have now sent over the Ferrari 308 road sports to EMS to sort out a few final pieces before we are ready to take her back out on the track. 

Titan Historic Racing will also be enlisting the help of the team at EMS to work on a beautiful Porsche 914. This car has an interesting back story after being used as the camera car in the 1971 film Le Mans featuring Steve McQueen 

To wrap our current news up we have an Elan DP02 and March 83G Group C car over in the USA having been totally rebuilt by ERA and they are now ready to race.



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