Titan Historic Team Members

No team can be successful unless you have the right team behind you which is why Titan Historic are very proud of all of their team members and everything they have achieved over the years. We believe we have the correct members to take this team further than it has been before.

Team Members

The most important part of any successful team is the team members and we have an excellent team. You can find out about our lead driver Greg Thornton, our guest drivers, brilliant mechanics and those team members who make Titan Historic who they are behind the scenes.

Greg Thornton - Team Leader

Greg Thornton

Lead Driver
Greg is the Team Founder, Team Principal, main driver and three-time historic ...

Perry Tubb

Team Manager
Perry joined the armed forces (royal corps signals) in 1982 and served in ...

Classic Team Lotus

Classic Team Lotus is not an official part of Titan Historic Racing but a team ...

John Danby Racing

John Danby Racing are not exactly apart of the Titan historic racing team but ...