Historic Titan Racing Team

Titan Historic Racing started in 2004 when Team Principal and Driver Greg Thornton made his entrance to the high-octane arena of Historic Formula Ford racing and he has been riding on the crest of a wave ever since.

After the purchase of his first car, a 1967 Titan MK3/4, Greg made his mark on the sport immediately by claiming two firsts and one second in his class in just three races. What’s more, the car he owned was, and still is, the only Titan MK3/4 currently racing in the UK and also it’s the oldest car in its class!

In 2005 with the team starting to develop Greg managed to finish 2nd in class of the CRC Championship and in the top 10 of the highly-coveted HSCC Formula Ford Championship. Ever since 2005 Titan Historic racing has seen some great cars, drivers wins and the most importantly title wins. The most note worthy one being Greg winning the Masters Historic Formula One World Championship title in 2013.

Team Members

The most important part of any successful team is the team members and we have an excellent team. You can find out about our lead driver Greg Thornton, our guest drivers, brilliant mechanics and those team members who make Titan Historic who they are behind the scenes.

Greg Thornton - Team Leader

Greg Thornton

Lead Driver
Greg is the Team Founder, Team Principal, main driver and three-time historic ...

Perry Tubb

Team Manager
Perry joined the armed forces (royal corps signals) in 1982 and served in ...

Classic Team Lotus

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Our Cars

Here at Titan we have a array of classic racing cars spanning many different race classes allowing us to travel all over the world. You can find all you need to know about all our cars, past and present here in our car garage.