Greg Thornton


Greg is the Team Founder, Team Principal, main driver and three-time historic formula one champion here at Titan Historic Racing.

Greg started the team with the purchase and campaigning of his 1967 Titan MK3/4. He slowly grew his car collection and the team into what it is today.

A very charismatic character, Greg took up motor racing at, what some might regard, a later-than-average time in life. He bought the Titan at the age of 41 and has not looked back. Fuelled with energy and enthusiasm for the sport and competing at every possible opportunity, Greg is regularly in the motor racing press, especially in 2013 for winning the 2013 FIA Masters Historic F1 championship.

Greg won Pre-78 2018 Masters Formula One champion after a very impressive 2018 season which means he is a two-time world champion. Winning the Post 1978 class in 2013 and now winning the Pre 1978 class. Greg is the only driver to win the FIA Masters World Championship is both classes.

In the 2018 season, Greg had to use two different cars, the very famous Lotus 77 of Mario Andretti and the March 761 (loaned by Katsu Kabouta).  Overall it was a great season for Greg and Classic Team Lotus finishing the championship with 7 wins, 11 fastest laps and 2 weekends with maximum points.

The full write up of the 2018 season can be found here: Greg Officially becomes two-time world champion

Greg became a Three time champion in 2019 when he took part in the Masters USA Historic Championship and won 6 out of 8 races and had the fastest lap in every race he participated in.

A director in the airline and aviation industry, Greg sees himself re-living the era of his childhood heroes.

“This was an era when motor racing was at its grassroots level and not taken over by multi-million pound corporations, and led by the age of the computer. It’s when drivers used to actually drive themselves to the circuits, roll their sleeves up and knuckle down with the mechanics before going out on to the race track.”