Greg is the New FIA 2018 Historic F1 World Champion!

Greg secured his 2nd world championship this weekend at Zandvoort showing that no matter what class he races in he is one of the best drivers on the grid. Back in 2013, Greg won his first world championship in his first year racing with Masters in the Beautiful Lotus 92 which secured him the Post 1978 World championship. Ever since that season Greg has stayed with classic team lotus and set his eyes on the Pre 1978 Championship.

Racing the majority of this year in the wonderful Lotus 77 owned by Clive Chapman and is the Mario Andretti car that won the Japanese GP. Greg has racked up 3 class wins, 2 2nd place finishes and 5 fastest laps which set him on his way to claiming his 2nd World Championship. Unfortunately, at the Formula One Silverstone Grand Prix weekend, the Lotus 77 took a bit of a knock after the race had finished meaning Greg had to use the March 761 loaned to him by Classic Team Lotus teammate Katsu Kubota. This didn’t dampen the spirit of the team though as Greg got 4 class wins and 6 fastest laps in the March 761 securing him his 2nd FIA World Championship with 2 weekends still to go.

This has been a year of ups and downs but all of it couldn’t be possible without the great team Greg has behind him in Classic Team Lotus especially Ted who puts his heart into every race weekend.

Greg, Ted and everyone at Classic team lotus would like to say

“Thank you to you all who have helped and supported us as a team throughout the 2018 season on the way to winning the FIA F1 Historic World Championship.”

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